Just a post to cover the costumes for Dragon*Con this year.

A photo of a friend wearing the improved Doc Worth jacket. Instead of faux fur like I had last year, I took a sheep skin throw from Ikea and used it. It's incredibly fluffy, but glorious!

Me in my Princess Bubblegum costume, with the friend from the previous picture as Marceline, and an AMAZING LSP cosplayer who found us. Over all, I'm quite pleased with the PB dress, and it was very comfortable. The crown gave me a lot of trouble, and I'll probably find a way to make it thinner and lighter weight for next year. I believe I'll also be making a Peppermint Butler purse.

Close up of the shoes I made to match the PB dress. Just a pair of old flats with scraps from the dress hot glued on top. I burned my finger making these the day before the con. It hurt. BADLY.

And finally, two shots of the costume I made of Miss Raney's character. I don't know why I didn't take my badge off for these. XD

WOW. OK. So it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. I'm so sorry! I've been doing lots of crafting lately, and, of course, I've got very little photos to show for it. I'm sorta bad at this thing, I know. lol. I do, however, have some pictures of my latest project that I'm still working on, and I'll throw some of those WIP shots up now. Some explanation:

After first seeing the work of creturfetur on dA some time ago, I've been wanting to experiment with needle felting. After Dragon*Con in September, I decided that needle felting would be my fall project. After a test run by felting a quick Gunter the penguin from Adventure Time, I waited until some felting books I'd had transferred to my library to arrive, glanced over them, and promptly ignored them. XD I then plunged myself into creating the bat form of a character of mine. It's been a lot of fun, and I really loved making his curls. REALLY. I keep adding more and more because they're just too darn cute. There's still quite a bit left to do with him. He needs his other hind leg, and I have to sculpt some back feet and some thumbs for his forearms and his eyes (the one in the pics is just a straight pin I've used as a substitute) and possibly a nose. Then there's general finishing touches to consider. But he's nearly there!

OH HEY! It's THIS thing! Forgot I had this thing. Well, it's summer time, and as soon as I get some more monies, it means it's CRAFTING TIME! Mostly, I'm planning for new cosplays for D*con, but I'm sure there will be some random projects in between. Currently I've got two new costumes lined up:

~Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time

~And that super secret costume that I may have mentioned that you don't get a photo of. :P

Other potential projects involve another Jake the Dog plush and I'll probably work on my ongoing Conbat project.

Not much else to say other than it really sucks when you step on a picture frame you just bought. Don't put frames on the floor, kids.


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